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lineage project Lineage_75-380Friends,

Yoga has been an important part of changing my life and brought not only a beautiful community into my life but a sense of balance, well-being and peace particularly when my every day is fast paced, constant and changing. I have been fortunate to be able to share this practice with my community through volunteering to teach classes.

For the past few years I have watched one of my teachers, Emily Stone work tirelessly to raise money for a fantastic organization www.lineageproject.org. If you are not familiar with it, in short, it is one of the very few, if only, local organizations which work with children at risk (incarcerated, juvenile detention centers, public schools for struggling students). Basically, this organization intercedes in the small system before they end up in the larger ones. By giving these children and young adults one yoga/meditation class a week, lineage project, hopes to help break the chain of violence, poverty and struggle which these children face in their daily lives. What Emily is trying to do is not only sustain the program through the summer but increase the classes to two a week

Em’s goal is 100K which will just sustain 2 classes a week through the year. Sounds lofty but last year my small yoga community raised 80K and it IS possible… Read More

Recycled Fabrics- Yoga Clothes & the Business of Deception

teekiFirstly, I own several pairs of of expensive recycled plastic bottle yoga pants; the prints are fab, the fit is awesome, the fabric is ridiculously lightweight- great for hot yoga, not so great anywhere else… I do not claim to live a significantly “green eco conscious life.”  All I can say is that I have a certain amount of awareness and contribute where I can. However, I am alarmed when a  yoga clothing company is claiming “Eco process” and “sustainability” as well as “protecting human health and the environment.”  Read More

Personal Thoughts on Music and Yoga- Contemplate Silence

e98c6f9dfa693c1ea657cb3cc504f78aRecently I was in a class at a studio where the music became the obstacle to my practice. I make mention of this as I see this grave mistake being made by many teachers new and old.  Music is a wonderful component to a class, however it should never be a distraction or focal point of. Do not misunderstand I love spending time thinking about the music, but only in a way that the shapes can be created inside the sound. Music can be an aide to drop in, to find the release, to support the tone/dharma of a class, even support the season or energ Read More

200 hr beginning teachers…a few thoughts from a road I have travelled

YOGA-SHAKTI-CLASS-0021)       200 hours is just a wake up call. Actually it shouldn’t even be called a teacher training so much as a yoga immersion and call to serve.  A call to wake up and give, understand the practice and your body,  being and soul inside of it.  Keep on growing, search out like communities to practice inside of and figure out who you are, what style of asana you love and where to do your next training, workshop or classes. In fact never ever stop… Read More

Yoga and Prayer?

mala I wear my mala beads in public…oftentimes people will comment but have no real idea what they are.They are prayers beads.With the popularity of yoga it amazes me how many are wearing malas and have no idea what they are! really? It amazes me as I work in the fashion industry how many companys are “knocking off” the look of malas but still have no idea what they are…really? Read More

adjustments vs assists…

photo (3)photoso here’s my confession and maybe you have a similar story…
About 5 years ago I was returning to a yoga practice and taking heated yoga. This posture has always been easy for me, (i.e. with hips open like a ballerina) however being a runner my hammys tightened…like a lot. Let’s face it in a heated class sometimes opens things open up sometimes more then they should. Read More

6 Teachers of Inspiration and Technique

f306b34d8fb1143a4eb2e7989f4520e9 faea5f25980681e43ad9ebe624a4c017In my humble opinion I have not even begun to scratch the surface of all the amazing talent out there.  These are who I am currently following…who do you follow?

1)       Kathryn Budig- Just as much as for bubbly real world persona as her ability to make the practice and teaching accessible for everyone.  Very approachable both in class and in person. Delivers the practice on an Read More

Emotional ties to a physical body.


There is much to be said about how this practice intricately ties our physical to our emotional and ultimately our spiritual bodies. We’re neither right? or at least that is what we are yogically told. However, once we start lisitening the intricate body map of our life stories may unfold before us in physical manifestation. Noticing even the smallest things on our physicality may have us recognizing trapped energy that manifests chronic illensses.

for me it’s the 2nd chakra. Read More

Day 1. BPC

BPC 2One of the reasons I chose Blue Print Cleanse was the organized manner in which it was laid out… not that I am a fan of not thinking for myself…but honestly between working in fashion at the height of our busiest, teaching 4-6 yoga classes a week, practicing and just living I needed the extra help and decision making done for me. Three day cleanse is described as the ” absolute beginner level”. Read More

Tomorrow is mothers day…

And as I look at this photo and her happy happy smile I realize it is the same smile that I have when I am completely joyful. It was her mother behind the camera capturing the moment. Isn’t that what mother’s do? Step aside take themselves out of the moment so you may have yours? I am far away from my mother today and tomorrow but as I teach my classes I know her voice is with me as I care for my students. Her strength has guided me even through the most difficult of moments. She was the one who first introduced me to this practice even though I was not ready the offering it was always there waiting to unfold.
Her favorite prayer echoes in my head in the most difficult of times…
“May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.”

Happy Mother’s weekend!!!


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