The Yoga Collective Hoboken


Formerly partnered as Yoga Shakti Hoboken the journey continues.   From all endings come amazing new beginnings… The Yoga Collective is an endeavor to teach yoga through sweet and challenging asanas/postures.  Classes are offered in the New York/ New Jersey area and generally run 75- 90 minutes in length.

This journey of vinyasa yoga links breath and movement. Sequences with simple transitions and uncomplicated movements allow students to melt into each posture more deeply.  A typical class is prepared from personal daily practice and undoubtly will address arm balances/ inversions as well as the safety needed in between.

Expect classes to be a sweet offering of dripping vinyasa sequences combined with a playful exploration of each student’s unique practice. Each movement is designed to build into the next and  maximize each students ability within a safe environment.  Movements and themes build one to the next  preparing for a “maha” posture. Whether forearm stand variations or  headstand the postures preceding are intended to open, strengthen and tone one’s body with ease, comfort and support-finally end in a blissful savasana/ corpse pose.

Learning to laugh when we fall, knowing how to return with an open heart and enjoying all the moments between.


Always stay fresh and in love with your practice!!! Check out the latest offerring:




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